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The Fire Department provides fire fighting, fire prevention and paramedic medical service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a full-time department housed in the firehouse at 2400 South 25th Avenue. The village maintains a fire rating of ISO2, one of the highest ratings in the state. This is based upon water supply, fire staffing equipment, personnel training, manpower staffing, and dispatch. This rating results in lower fire insurance premiums for homeowners and businesses.

Fire inspections are made at a regular basis to assure full compliance with Village Code. Several Fire Prevention Programs are regularly presented to local schools and organizations.

Today, the Fire Department is led by Chief John Tierney, who was appointed to this position in 1995.

Fire Department Non-Emergency Number
(708) 343-6124Fire Department Emergency Number
911Fire Department Address
2400 South 25th Avenue

For ordinance information, please refer to the Regulations page of this website, or call the fire non-emergency number.

Snow Removal Near Fire Hydrants Help Fire Department

It is prohibited for Village residents to plow snow or ice into streets, or up against fire hydrants. In the event of a fire, keeping fire hydrants clear of snow and ice will assist firefighters by making fire hydrants more accessible. All residents are asked to help keep their fire hydrants clear.

Board of Police and Fire Commission

The Board of Police and Fire Commission is comprised of three members. Among its responsibilities, the commission examines and hires new police officers, patrol officers and firefighters/paramedics; promotes within the departments; and recommends policy matters to the Village Board of Trustees when they require Board review. The commission meets as needed.

Fire Pension Board

The Fire Pension Board, as required by State Statute, is comprised of the following nine members: Village President, Village Clerk, Village Attorney, Village Treasurer, Fire Chief, and three additional persons chosen from the active firefighters rank and one retired firefighter. The board is responsible for overseeing disbursements and investments of the Pension Fund as prescribed by State insurance law. The board meets quarterly.

Village of Broadview Fire Department History

The Broadview Fire Department was organized on a volunteer basis in 1948. Prior to this, the Village received fire protection from the Maywood Fire Department on a contractual basis.

The volunteer department purchased a 1924 pumper from Oak Park, Ill., to be used in the training of the new volunteer corps. The Village hired Fred Peters, a retired Oak Pak fireman, to train these new volunteers and act as the department’s fire chief. Merritt Braga was named assistant chief, Herbert Prosser was named captain, and James G. Coté Sr. was named lieutenant and secretary, and went on to become chief in 1951.

Including Chief Coté, there has been only three different fire chiefs to serve the Village of Broadview. They are:

1995-present   John Tierney
1987-1995Donald Gaertner
1951-1987James G. Coté Sr.

By 1953 when Broadview purchased its first new 1,000 GPM pumper, the department had become a well-trained and coordinated group of professionals. At this point, Broadview was able to sever its ties with Maywood, creating its own independent fire department. Just two years later, an 85-foot aerial ladder was a 1,000 GPM pump was purchased and paid fire staff was added in response to Rating Bureau’s recommendations, bringing the department’s rating up to Class Five.

By 1963, the department added its third 1,000 GPM pumper in response to an influx of new residents and businesses, raising the department’s rating to Class Four, making it the only Village with a population under 10,000 to hold this high rating. As of 1964, when the Village celebrated its Golden Jubilee, the fire department employed 13 full-time firefighters, as well as 30 Paid-On-Call firefighters.